Enrich your genetics lessons with Scitable

March 19, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE When I went over genetics in my biology class in high school, it was Punnett Squares, a bit of Darwin, and not much else. Fast forward more than a decade and the field of genetics has … Continued

Find STEM resources at BioED Online

February 3, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE We had the LEARN NC staff retreat last week, and one of the subjects that received a good deal of discussion was efforts to promote STEM education resources. Seeing as we’re not scientists here at Instructify, … Continued

Living Galapagos explores balance between man and nature

January 26, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Ever since Charles Darwin published On the Origins of Species 150 years ago, the Galapagos Islands have always been of particular interests to scientist and environmentalist alike. Back then the diversity of species as they evolved … Continued

Instructify's top 10 posts of 2009

December 22, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS It’s that time of year again when lazy bloggers rehash old material under the guise of “Best of” lists rather than come up with new stuff. Instructify is no exception. Below are the top 10 Instructify posts … Continued

Cornell's Round Robin blog is for the birds (sorry)

October 13, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS “Birdies are friends!” That’s what my two-year-old son says. He even thinks an owl lives in the ceiling fan in his room. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for the avian kind, I don’t know what is. … Continued