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BY BILL FERRIS Summertime means fishing, camping trips, taking Junior to the zoo, and hitting the beach. All of those activities put you into contact with the wonders (or if you’re unlucky, the terrors) of the animal kingdom. July’s random roundup brings you the best Instructify posts that feature critters other than humans. Tune in […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES We’ve heard a lot about some renegade microbes in the news lately.  The Swine Flu hysteria closed down many schools across the country and continues to be an issue worldwide.  With all the press that H1N1 has gotten, you might think that all microbes are harmful. In fact, the vast majority of […]

BY BILL FERRIS A while back we looked at some of the world’s weirdest plants. I don’t know how, but the list didn’t include anything from Socotra. Part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the Horn of Africa, Socotra is home to plant and animal species that look like they’re from another planet. […]

For this month’s random roundup, we’ve selected the Library of Congress, our nation’s storehouse of pretty much everything worth knowing. As you’d expect, a lot of great resources for teachers have been derived from the Library. See your tax dollars at work.

BY REBECCAH HAINES Kids these days, you know?  They don’t care about the state of the world.  They don’t care about endangered species.  They don’t care about the environment.  If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably heard statements such as these (and maybe even thought them a few times yourself in moments of frustraction).  It is […]

Your students may or may not know the importance of estuaries. They may not even know what they are. You can solve both of those knowledge deficiencies by taking them on an online field trip to Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in coastal Alabama. EstuaryLive presents two live broadcasts from Weeks Bay on May […]

Though Punnett squares may be one of the most basic things that students need to understand when studying genetics, they can be complicated at first. You should have heard my 7th graders when I introduced them…”Wait…how did you get that?”  “What are the letters for again?”  “How do I know what to put in each […]

When I was a kid, nothing grabbed my attention like talking about predators. Perhaps it was an latent instinctive adrenaline response to danger, but whether they were sharks, dinosaurs, tigers or giant robots, ferocious creatures always piqued my interest. Chances are at least a few of your students have this sort of reaction, too. These […]

Ever wonder what’s the lifespan of a flea? Or how sunscreen works? Or who developed the Nobel-worthy invention of the TV dinner?* Of course you haven’t, but that’s not the point. As any person who has won a trivia contest will tell you, it’s fun to show off knowledge of obscure facts in any subject. […]

I sometimes find myself planning lessons, looking for a quick video clip to show my students. A short video is often an effective way to introduce, extend, or clarify  information that I’m teaching. I start to think about my sources…the library? Nope, videos are too long and many are too old…YouTube? Nope, I don’t want […]