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April 25 marks the 55th anniversary of Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA. That’s why the National Human Genome Research Institute is celebrating National DNA Day. Your class can get in on the fun by participating in a live online chat from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on April 25. Students will have the chance […]

Finally, you can get hold of some DNA for your mad experiments science lab assignment without having to suck it out of amber-encased flies. The folks at Null Hypothesis show you an easy way to extract DNA from a banana. All you’ll need is common household or labhold stuff like rubbing alcohol, dish soap, coffee […]

From the ‘World of Tomorrow’ department: Cell Biology Animation gets the Flash and 3D treatment on Ever wanted to know what a Golgi Apparatus really looks like? Well, cross your eyes and point your browser over to this site, which uses Flash technology and old school auto-stereoscopy to help present animated versions of what’s […]