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Have you ever seen the words “embed” or “embed code” on a web site, and wondered what that meant? Embed refers to code that you can use to create a small version of a multimedia (visual and/or audio based) Web application on another Web page outside the service that it resides on. For example, you […]

5 Sources for Free and Legal Images -If you blog or use any sort of photography in your presentations, you might want to start thinking about making sure those photos and images are legal for you to use. If you want to skip that step, try using one of these five sources from The Blog […]

LEARN NC, the same group of good-looking, smart and cool people who bring you Instructify, is now on Twitter! LEARN NC finds the most innovative and successful practices in K-12 education and makes them available to the teachers and students of North Carolina — and the world. So after you’ve got your regular-sized blog fix […]

A few months ago, I posted about reasons you should be blogging, but now, I want to extend that idea and give you some more reasons why. As if the first post wasn’t convincing enough. Not Enough of You Are Doing It – For those of you who are already blogging, skip to the next […]

Top 100 Language Blogs: Whether you teach a foreign language or English as a second language, you’ll want to pay a visit to these language blogs. You’ll find useful info about food, travel and culture. And, you know, words too. 50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life: Second Life, that […]

The first time I heard someone talk about Seesmic, I thought to myself: “This person has to be saying it wrong. ‘Seismic‘ is a word, and it’s not pronounced ‘seesmic’!” Well, although it is very rare for me to be wrong about something (really, very rare), I was in this case. And not only was […]

10 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Life – I’m all for improving my life, but why does it have to take soooo long? Here are ten easy ways to pull yourself up by your boot straps courtesy of Stepcase Lifehack. If you find yourself wanting to change something about your life, then why not […]

I’m completely fine with a writer who bends the rules. There’s a little thing called style, right? I’m sure that as an educator you’ve no doubt had a student try to pass off errors as style. I know I tried when I was in school. As they grow and mature as writers, it’s necessary for […]

Looking for a platform for a school or classroom website? Have you always wanted to have a classroom blog that allows blogging between parents and you, or you and your students? If so, WordPress has everything you are looking for and a lot more – plus it’s the platform that powers Instructify, so you know […]

Bizcovering had an interesting post I came across, 10 Universal Truths About Teaching. The article covers some things that educators will inevitably encounter during their careers. Among my favorite was on ‘Meetings’: They didn’t tell you about the meetings when you were training, did they? You know, the meetings that take place before, during and […]