Mathematics visualized at Khan Academy

November 8, 2010

Khan Academy, and its accompanying YouTube channel, contains more than 1,800 short videos on topics mathematical, biological, chemical, and even historical.

Guess what you can do at

March 12, 2010

BY REBECCAH HAINES Now this is what I like in a website name – straightforward, telling you like it is.  There is no doubt as to what you’ll find at That’s right, you’ll find websites to help your students … Continued

Random roundup: Library of Congress

June 17, 2009

For this month’s random roundup, we’ve selected the Library of Congress, our nation’s storehouse of pretty much everything worth knowing. As you’d expect, a lot of great resources for teachers have been derived from the Library. See your tax dollars at work.

Everyday Mysteries from the Library of Congress

May 5, 2009

Ever wonder what’s the lifespan of a flea? Or how sunscreen works? Or who developed the Nobel-worthy invention of the TV dinner?* Of course you haven’t, but that’s not the point. As any person who has won a trivia contest … Continued

Win a Nobel Prize…or at least pretend to

February 23, 2009

Quick! Name five famous discoveries honored by the Nobel Prize…(crickets chirping)….Um, Al Gore won one, right? Ask your students and you’ll likely get a similar response. The people at decided that they didn’t want children growing up not understanding … Continued