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After some testing and feedback from users, the latest Beta version of Skype now offers 10-way calling.

An online forum or discussion board creates opportunities for students to interact outside the classroom. Here’s how to get started using forums in your class.

The American Civil War Augmented Reality Project uses tablet computers or smart phones to snap pictures of a battlefield site, then superimposes Civil War-era photos of the same areas along with information about the site, showing the battlefield as it looked during the war.

Crocodoc is an alternative to Google Docs that seems to have a lot of the same features, particularly around collaboration and storing of documents online that can be easily accessible from just about any computer.

Big Blue Button is an open-source, free-to-use web-conferencing tool that does pretty much everything that all the pay web-conferencing applications do.

LiveBinders easily gathers websites and other elements of the Web together, and then provides you with a single web address you can share with others.

Moonbase Alpha puts students in the role of astronauts living on the first human base on the moon. A meteorite has debilitated the life-support system, and they’ve got 25 minutes to fix it before everyone runs out of air.

If you are someone who wonders what Google Docs is all about, Google has just launched a Google Docs Demo Site that allows you to create a document, spreadsheet or drawing without registering for an account.

BY KEVIN HODGSON Now approaching its 200th show, the weekly Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast (and later podcast) is a wealth of interesting discussions and resources for teachers trying to navigate ways to use technology in the classroom. Hosts Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim invite guests each week to talk about an issue, or a technology […]

Google has made the code for EtherPad open source, meaning anybody can set up EtherPad on their own server for free.