The new education-friendly face of Dungeons and Dragons

April 30, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE If you’re like me, you remember with fondness long nights with your friends, your trusty plastic icosahedron, pencils and paper, and junk food. I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons of course, the game many of us … Continued

PBS Teachers is a smorgasbord of teacher resources

February 19, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Let me just say it: I love PBS. From the documentaries, to the quality children’s programming, it’s one of my favorite channels to watch. But my love of Cookie Monster aside, did you know that PBS … Continued

Use Team Maker for your next group assignment

February 18, 2010

BY BILL FERRIS Dividing your class into teams is an activity fraught with peril. Friends cluster together, shy kids awkwardly ask if they can join a group, and all that jostling can eat up several minutes. You could pick teams … Continued

Collaborate simply, graphically, with Scribblar

October 20, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Scribblar makes student collaboration really easy. It presents users a large white canvas and arms them with an array of pencils, line and shape tools, and colors. Students can add images easily as well, either by uploading … Continued

Share questions, notes and ideas with Wallwisher

October 16, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Wallwisher gives your students a set of interactive sticky notes they can use to post questions or ideas. Once you set up your Wallwisher account, you’ll get a shareable URL. Students can post their comments and questions … Continued

Access Google Docs from Microsoft Office with OffiSync

September 9, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Just because Google and Microsoft hate each other doesn’t mean their software can’t work together in harmony. OffiSync lets you create, access, edit and save Google Docs from Microsoft Office.

Connect students through Dweeber

August 7, 2009

BY NICK YINGLING Calling someone a “dweeb” basically aims to call that person socially inept. Essentially, everyone is on a level playing field, so when I call other people names and put them down, I generally feel better about myself. … Continued