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Putting complex ideas into a simple expression can do wonders for our recall ability, and JogLab can help you coin a catchy slogan that your students won’t forget.

Over the next three years, writer Barry Lane will offer 1,000 writing prompts, incorporating pictures, writing ideas, and his own writing. Use these writing prompts in your own class as ways to spark your students’ creativity.

Is the iPad only a consumption device, or can it truly be a productive device for creation? Dan Froelich shares his thoughts, as well as what this means for education.

ZooBurst lets you build virtual pop-up books online. Through a simple WYSIWYG interface, you can upload images and enter text to tell a story.

This article presents resources and ideas for presenting science students with challenges designed to spark creativity and innovation. Resources listed include national competitions and websites listing suggested classroom projects.

We’ve reviewed GoAnimate here at Instructify before, but the site recently launched a school version of its animation software that is worth writing about because, well, it’s free.

InterroBang, a game of real-life missions that challenge students’ creativity and problem-solving skills has just launched their second edition, which runs until January 31, 2011.

Projects by Jen is a resource for preschool through 6th grade teachers to engage in inquiry projects with other classrooms.

This Is Sand is an ideal art tool for elementary students to create virtual sand sculptures.

With Halloween nearing, it might be time to take out your virtual carving knife and create a Jack O’Lantern without the mess of guts and seeds.