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Are you using screencasts yet? For the uninitiated, screencasts are mini-movies that demonstrate how to perform tasks on the computer. And making your own is super-easy thanks to Screencast-o-Matic. Easy to use and incredibly useful – that’s a combo that we at Instructify always appreciate. Screencast-o-Matic uses a transparent frame that you place over whatever […]

Tom and Jerry was by far my least favorite cartoon growing up. I mean, I’d already gotten a handle on the predator-prey dynamic from the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Plus Sylvester and Speedy Gonzales provided me with all the cat and mouse hijinks I’d ever need, thank you very much. But most importantly, […]

Recently, I overheard someone say these very words: “I am the least creative person in the world.” It made me very sad to think that I was not only standing next to the least creative person in the world, but that he acknowledged it. (I didn’t believe this man was the least creative person in […]

Stop using Comic Sans on your bulletin boards and emails. Seriously, just stop. In our never-ending quest to stomp out the Comic Sans font, Instructify is happy to spotlight, a storehouse of free fonts for both PC and Mac. Search from dozens of fonts, sorted into categories such as Typewriter, Retro, Calligraphy, Eroded fonts, […]

Creative writing students, take note. If you want to succeed, listen to the successful. Stephen King, a writer who has done pretty well for himself, spells out “Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully—in Ten Minutes.” The article contains common-sense strategies to produce publishable prose. The advice ranges from professionalism (be neat, know who […]

Growing up in Nebraska, winter fell on us like a cold, dirty blanket. Sure, we got snow, but all those empty corn fields meant lots of dust on streets, buildings, and especially the cars. If only we’d had a guy like Scott Wade around to break up the winter blahs. Dirty rear automobile windows are […]

25+ Places to Find Creative Commons Content – Mashable has compiled a list of the 25 best spots to find Creative Commons content for audio, video, text and photos. Some of the locations are places you might already know, like Flickr or OpenClipArt, but others might surprise you with their vast amounts of content. Mashable […]

If you are still using Microsoft Paint, then it might be time to either a.) come out from under that rock you’ve been living under for the past decade, or b.) make the leap to Inkscape. Inkscape is an open source software program that works as a combo of Illustrator and Paint, with just a […]

Imagine a world where school children could develop their own code to produce original content for the web. Now look around you because you are living in that world. Scratch is an application developed by MIT to allow children (of all ages) to create their own interactive games, stories, and other media with the ease […]