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A project known as “One Day on Earth” seeks to document the ways in which people live and work and play on the day our calendar points to the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year in the millennium. Almost 450,000 students at more than 500 locations around the globe have signed up to participate

My StoryMaker is the perfect tool for younger students just learning about plot design and character development for short stories. Hosted by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, My StoryMaker walks students through the process of story creation using a variety of online tools.

Kompozer is a free, intuitive web-development application that, for the novice, works a lot like any old word processor, and for the savvy web designer, looks and acts much like Adobe Dreamweaver.

AnswerGarden is sort of like a virtual garden, in which you plant a question or query and wait patiently for folks to provide the answers or responses. The “garden” of responses then grows right before your eyes. is a free learning and review system that is like your own personal study partner — a study partner that happens to have a super-slick multimedia review system in her backpack.

Smilebox offers slide-show and scrapbook-creation options, as well as the ability to make invitations, collages and greeting cards.

If you’re making a website for class or for your school, consider using Balsamiq’s free mockup tools to lay things out visually before you get into the nuts and bolts of coding.

It’s free to sign up for GoAnimate, and you can make a basic characters and animations for free.

BY KEVIN HODGSON If we really believe in the axiom of “learning by doing,” then teaching the concept of stopmotion moviemaking should begin with a program like Pivot Stickfigure Animator. Pivot is a freeware program for PCs (an alternative freeware program available for all platforms is called Stykz) that is deceptively simple to use. Users […]

Let me start off by saying InterroBang is both ambitious and potentially time-consuming, but it’s also a really cool idea. In a nutshell, InterroBang is a game that sends you on real-life missions of discovery and learning.