One Word sparks reluctant writers

May 6, 2010

One Word is a website that might offer interesting ways to get kids writing without worrying about being graded. One Word gives you a single word and provides you with a visual timer to write whatever comes to your mind in 60 seconds.

The new education-friendly face of Dungeons and Dragons

April 30, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE If you’re like me, you remember with fondness long nights with your friends, your trusty plastic icosahedron, pencils and paper, and junk food. I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons of course, the game many of us … Continued

Create a Search Story with Google

April 27, 2010

BY KEVIN HODGSON If you watched the Super Bowl on television this year, you no doubt caught the Google commercial that told of a love story entirely through search queries. The ad, known as Parisian Love, was effective and I … Continued

JamStudio helps even non-musicians compose songs

April 20, 2010

BY KEVIN HODGSON I’m convinced there’s a songwriter in everyone, if only we could lower the hurdles for creating the music to go with our songs. Not everyone has the dedication to put in years of practice to learn an … Continued

Waybe: Bring your Google SketchUp creations to life

March 25, 2010

BY GRETCHEN SCHAEFER When it comes to students building models in class, why should they make the same old sugar cube igloo as everyone else when they can create paper replicas of the Capitol building? Creating a 3D model on the … Continued

Making movies with Stopmotion Animator

March 15, 2010

BY KEVIN HODGSON Stopmotion Animator is a freeware download that allows users of PC computers to use a webcam to easily and quickly create stop-motion movies. The software is set up to “grab” frames off the webcam, then gather them … Continued

Image-editor Aviary now completely free

February 15, 2010

BY BILL FERRIS Aviary, the web-based image-editing suite, used to charge for some premium features like saving private files and allowing access to tutorials. I say “used to” because they’ve stopped charging money for it. This is a great development … Continued