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Sometimes it is challenging to interpret a technologist’s explanation of a problem or to give clear and direct technology instructions to students (or colleagues) because of all of the techno-language we use. Tech Terms is here to help decipher the code. Tech Terms is an online dictionary dedicated to the language associated with computers and […]

When you look up a word on Wordnik, you’ll get all the word’s possible definitions, examples of the word in publication, current usage of the word on twitter, synonyms, etymology, and even its Scrabble score.

If you use the Firefox web browser, make sure to install these must-have extensions that will change the way you use the web in class.

BY BILL FERRIS You can easily find an online dictionary or thesaurus. Lexipedia, however, presents an interesting combination of the two. Type in a word, and you’ll get visual array of related words, each with a listing of its definition and usage, and an audio file of the word’s pronunciation. If you’re looking for a […]

BY BILL FERRIS When I’m reading content on the web, I hate to have to stop what I’m doing to look up a word. Here’s guessing that you and your students do, too. Rather than navigating away from the page in search of a definition and running the risk of then getting distracted by something […]

Every year, there’s an announcement that the dictionary has added new words like “fanboy,” “muggle,” or “air quotes.” Well, to make room for those, they have to drop less-commonly used words like “blateration” (blabber or chatter), “jungible” (that which may be joined) or “jobler” (someone who does small jobs; also, a great name for a […]

Word Source is a site that calls itself “the social dictionary,” and at first, that made me very skeptical. It’s not that I dislike people, but I believe some things are better experienced alone. Is there a more blissfully solitary activity than looking up a word? Discovering its origin? Its subtle shades of meaning? Why […]

When I was a student, I would only use the thesaurus to look up bigger, more intelligent-sounding words, so I could trick my teachers into thinking that I was really smart (in retrospect, it most likely didn’t work). With age, though, I’ve gotten much wiser and I’ve learned to value using simpler words in my […]

Top 10 Office Supply Hacks – Get some extra mileage out of the supply closet. Lifehacker has 10 bonus uses for everyday office supplies. Keep snack foods fresh by using binder clips as chip clips. Did some clod write on your white board with permanant marker? Dry erase ink will make it come right off. […]

Sure, your phone plays music, surfs the Web, sends email, and has GPS capability (and you can, you know, talk to people with it, too). That stuff is cool, don’t get me wrong, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what these handheld powerhouses can do. Now, with one simple download, you can give your […]