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Give your foreign language students some extra ammunition. No, I don’t mean teach them obscure French curse words. I’m talking about powerful lessons and practice that can supplement the great stuff you’re already teaching in class. They can get it with LingQ. LingQ lets students sign up for free lessons in the language of their […]

Making movies is a great way to harness students’ creativity for good instead of evil. It’s also a good way for students to goof around and get lost in the many steps of the film making process. Good planning is key to any successful video project. You can help them make the process go as […]

Welcome to your romantic and eerily educentric Valentine’s Day date. But will it end in love, tears, or possibly food poisoning from an undercooked Valentine’s dinner? These kind educators were gracious enough to share their Valentine’s Day experiences: Dinner and a Movie: Benjamin Baxter at On the Tenure Track invites you to a live recreation […]

With all the neat tech stuff at teachers’ disposal these days, the choices can be overwhelming. Should you create a video? Or put today’s lesson into a PowerPoint presentation? Or how about setting up a mic so you can record tomorrow’s lecture for a podcast? And where do you find time to do all this […]

Extend your classroom to the ends of the earth by making a screencast. Jing is a free download that will record whatever you’re doing on-screen and turn it into a small movie that you can share with others. It’s easy enough that even a n00b like me can make my own screencast in just a […]

When I was a kid, my favorite chair was the floor. Whether wood or plastic, the seat at my desk always wobbled, and after thirty minutes of sitting I could feel my butt go to sleep. If your kids experience the same discomfort, or you’d just like to add some fun to your furniture, turn […]

You can’t beat an ice sculpture to spruce up the refreshment table at the winter dance. But if your school doesn’t have huge blocks of ice or chainsaws in the supply closet, head to your local chemistry laboratory to take matters into your own hands. The Popular Science website shows you how to create liquid […]

Who among us didn’t like reading pop-up books while growing up? Heck, I’m still partial to them now. And if you geek out as much as I do about pop-ups, you can make your own thanks to WikiHow. All you’ll need is a glue stick and scissors, plus a few copies of the same photo. […]

Are you out of ideas for your classroom displays? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished all you can in the unforgiving medium of construction paper? If so, get inspired again by visiting the Classroom Displays Blog. Londoner Linda Hartley posts some of the most creative displays from across the pond. They’re tagged by subject, holiday, […]

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, if you’d like to get at said treasure without trekking across town to yard sales or digging through garbage cans on the side of the road, You might want to take a look at Zwaggle. Zwaggle works like an online swap meet. Post stuff online […]