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Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower Exercise your mind with these 12 strategies from Wired designed to max out your brainpower. Tips include exercising wisely, putting the right kinds of information in your brain, and even finding out the optimum dosages of caffeine. 40 Ways to Spice Up Your Spelling Words […]

The only specific memory I have of a field trip I took as a student was an elementary school trip to the local planetarium. Why? Because it was the first time I experienced astronaut ice cream. It tasted like regular ice cream…but…it was crunchy…??!! My mind was blown. In retrospect, my teacher probably dreaded these […]

If a hard drive crash scares you more than a house fire, you need to back up your data. Pictures, documents, music, all of it could be history. Fortunately, you can back it up safely and cheaply with Mozy. Mozy gives you your first 2GB of data free. To salvage more than that, it costs […]

5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online – If you have time to look through everything on this list, congratulations. Otherwise, check out Mashable‘s list of resources by their categories, which encompass everything from Podcasting to Life Tools. There’s really no reason to explore all 5000+ tools here, but with that many, you’re bound […]

Welcome to your romantic and eerily educentric Valentine’s Day date. But will it end in love, tears, or possibly food poisoning from an undercooked Valentine’s dinner? These kind educators were gracious enough to share their Valentine’s Day experiences: Dinner and a Movie: Benjamin Baxter at On the Tenure Track invites you to a live recreation […]

Sorry to not have your precious MBTN done yesterday, voracious reader. Here it is today to make up for it. (February is a beast!) 10 Tips to Retain More of What You Read Online – You took the time to click on it, so you might as well actually digest what you’ve just read. Vandelay […]

Are you constantly feeling like you’re forgetting things? People tend to think that their memories are quite bad, but the human brain is capable of storing an amazing amount of information. The Memory Page has activities and tutorials aimed at exercising the memory muscle. If memory works by association, we actively work to create an […]

One of the main things that kept me writing in college was actually going to class and doing the exercises assigned to me. Unfortunately, without deadlines and structure, writer’s block and excuses for not writing are easier to come by. Luckily, you, me and everyone else who wants to become a (better) writer can benefit […]

This utility means you’re never more than two clicks away from peace of mind. If you’re a Windows user, Backup to Email sends a backup copy of important files to your email address. The best part? Rather than logging on to your email, filling out your address, adding an attachment, then giving up because of […]

Face it, things are just not getting any better. Your life is humdrum, your friends are lame, and your students don’t respect you. You can probably just deal with it and go about your business and live your cruddy little life. That’s fine if you want to do that. Guess you’ll go eat worms, huh? […]