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Weebly is a very simple website maker, and something that teachers might like to use in their classrooms.

BY KEVIN HODGSON Storybird opens up another door to publishing student written work in the form of picture books. The site, which technically is still in beta, is constructed around the idea of using illustrations and artwork for storytelling. The site has many, many collections of beautiful and interesting pictures available for use.

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE If you’re like me, you remember with fondness long nights with your friends, your trusty plastic icosahedron, pencils and paper, and junk food. I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons of course, the game many of us geeks played when we were younger and had a lot more time on our hands. […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE This particular item comes from a teacher in my daughter’s elementary school and it’s an excellent resource for reading comprehension and literacy. Tar Heel Reader is a free online repository of downloadable books. File formats vary somewhat but they’re all mainstream file types so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. These […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Back in my day, it was Math Blaster! for our classes’ Apple IIe, and I couldn’t get enough. But these days, client side games are so 2000s — everything is browser-based as internet connectivity becomes more universal. Such is the case with the free-to-play, internet-based CarrotSticks. It’s a pretty straightforward math […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE I grew up on LEGOs, probably a top-three toy during my childhood. It’s one of the things I purchased for my kids as soon as they were old enough. So when LEGO announced its 2010 LEGO Smart contest it was a sure fire Instructify post. The contest is only for educators […]

BY KEVIN HODGSON In those spare moments of class — those five to 10 minutes before the bell rings — I will often reach for my large stack of Mad Libs. As a teacher, I like that Mad Libs reinforce parts of speech and use humor in storytelling. My students also love the craziness that […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE My daughter, who is three, sent me a picture message from school yesterday (with the help of her teacher), and it just reinforced the reality that children are accessing the internet and mobile devices much younger these days. While the internet is such a valuable resource to bring concepts to life […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Let me just say it: I love PBS. From the documentaries, to the quality children’s programming, it’s one of my favorite channels to watch. But my love of Cookie Monster aside, did you know that PBS had developed a top-notch web resource for teachers? If the answer was no, then you […]

BY BILL FERRIS One of the best moments of my day is reading a bedtime story to my boys. We get quality bonding time, they’re fostering what I hope is a life-long love of books, and I get to work on my list of character voices, which consists of “Gruff Adult Male,” “All-purpose Female,” “Little […]