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FutureMe lets you send an email to yourself at a specified time in the future. You provide the email address, add a subject line, write a note to your future self, and then choose when it should get delivered.

Dropbox is a web service that allows you to store up to two gigabytes of data online for free. Install the Dropbox application on any computer or mobile device you own and get instant access to all your files with a simple login.

BY BILL FERRIS I’ve been using Thunderbird for my email since 2006. It’s a highly functional, lightweight email option. This week, however, I made the switch to Postbox. Postbox is to Thunderbird as Super Mario is to Mario — bigger, stronger, and occasionally able to shoot fireballs. Well, two of those things, anyway. Postbox takes the […]

Whenever I see that I have a voicemail, I’m instantly demoralized. I’m not that busy, but man, am I impatient. Dial voicemail, dial in pass code, listen to robot tell me that there’s a new voicemail, dial number to listen to new voicemail, consider possible phone-related seppuku methods — you get the point. Now, with […]

There are lots of desktop calendar programs out there, and they all boast similar, if not the same, features. You know, your basic shared calendar, maybe an e-mail client built in, a place for notes or a to-do list, a saved contact list. But there’s more to your day than just your appointments and to-do […]

Ever need to send a video, or audio file that’s more than 20MB (the size limit on a Gmail attachment)? is the answer. It’s really fast and easy. All you do is create a “drop” with a unique URL, add file(s), then decide if you how long you want it available (up to 1 […]

“Is there any e-mail in your inbox right now that you’ve read but you haven’t done anything about?” When writer and speaker Merlin Mann asks this question of a packed-to-overflowing audience of Google employees, the world’s most prestigious knowledge workers laugh, ashamed (but relieved) that their dark secret has been brought into the light. You […]

We’re all prone to a little questionable judgment every now and again, whether it’s caused by a crazy birthday party, a lack of sleep, or just some strange interaction with allergy medicine. But that doesn’t mean you should send that email to your ex at 3am or give your principal a piece of your mind […]

Email abuse. No one is immune. Every one of us has committed or been victimized by some form of email crime, whether we’ve forwarded chain letters that promise a digital camera if enough people respond, typing messages in ALL CAPS, or writing on e-stationery with a dancing kitten graphic. Marketing guru Seth Godin wants each […]

So, you’re reading about all these great Web 2.0 tools on Instructify, and you want to start using them in your class, but as you try to set things up, you run into a little-bitty hitch…when you go to sign up students, the sites ask you for an email for each student. You ponder the […]