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WolfQuest puts you in the role of a lonely wolf in the wild with two things on your mind: survive and start a family. Along the way you’ll learn about how a wolf perceives the world around him with “scent view” which shows trails of recent creatures and other territorial markers.

General Electric has created a slick energy-awareness app that shows you how much each appliance costs you. Not just in terms of money, either. It shows kilowatt consumption, gasoline consumption, as well as showing how much use you can get out of a single kilowatt.

BY KEVIN HODGSON What student doesn’t like to imagine what their life will be like in 25 years? Given the rate of technology advancements, it’s an interesting exercise in imagination to conceive the future. Amy Zuckerman and James Daly (along with illustrator John Manders) do just such an exercise in their picture book 2030: A […]

Here’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach. Flooding near the Betsiboka River, Madagascar (pictured) Acquired March 23, 2010, this natural-color image shows an agricultural area immediately south of the Betsiboka River, roughly 40 kilometers from the coast. The beige-and-green area filling most of the image […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Teaching ecology and environmental conservation principles from the classroom can be a tough job. It’s a subject that really requires that hands-on, in-the-field type of involvement to really engage the student and provide tangible educational concepts for reflection. Conservation Maven can help with this.

Here’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach. Notes from the Field Blog: The Uphill Road to Measuring Snow Not your typical weekend ski trip: scientists turn Colorado’s Steamboat Mountain into an outdoor lab for tests that will improve satellite estimates of snow.

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Need some global statistics to emphasize a point you’re trying to make in an ecology or civics lesson plan? Trying to drive home the point in a health-related lesson about the spread of disease or the scope of our ever-growing obesity epidemic? Then check out Worldometers, a real-time online ticker that […]

BY DAVID BARGER Classroom Earth is a dynamic website that synthesizes materials from numerous sources into a virtual cornucopia of useful environmental information. Are you an environmental news junkie and not getting what you need from the mainstream news media? The In the News section should be your first stop to see real-life stories of […]

Here’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach. Featured: Karachi, Pakistan Acquired January 8, 2010, this true-color image shows part of Karachi, Pakistan, a city of over 12 million residents. Heavily urbanized areas mix with rivers and mangroves, especially near the Port of Karachi.

BY DAVID BARGER I love the large, international sporting events that take place only once every four years. That means for me, 2010 is going to be a special year with the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the World Cup this summer in South Africa. Nothing like competition to get the blood pumping! How about […]