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BY NICK YINGLING Lately, during my lunch break, I usually sit at my desk and drop crumbs of food into my keyboard. That’s a terribly boring way to pass your lunch hour. So, naturally, I started watching my favorite show, The Golden Girls, on a streaming TV site. The main problem now is that most […]

BY BILL FERRIS This week’s MBTN features an express flight to Mars, Web 2.0 project ideas, alternatives to book reports, and online sites where you can learn a new language. Read about all of it after the jump.

For this month’s random roundup, we’ve selected the Library of Congress, our nation’s storehouse of pretty much everything worth knowing. As you’d expect, a lot of great resources for teachers have been derived from the Library. See your tax dollars at work.

BY NICK YINGLING Is English your first language? Did you know that if you constantly find yourself at a loss for words and keep making mistakes you might not exactly be considered fluent? Sure, I do hold an impossibly high standard and I am indeed applying a rather narrow definition for language fluency. My point […]

The early buzz about the world wide web was that it would throw open the floodgates of the world’s accumulated knowledge, creating a window into the cultures of the most far-flung places on earth. We instead got lolcats, pop-up ads, and meaningless quizzes about which superhero you are. Fortunately, some wise folks had an eye […]

Do you have one of those classes that skipped some lessons on manners, like saying please and thank you? Do you have language learners who need to increase their vocabulary for social conversation? Is your class stuck in the blahs between the February holidays and spring break? You can meet these needs and more at […]

A spoonful of podcasting helps the science go down. Yes, that’s a terrible lead sentence, but when a site has a name like Bytesize Science, how could I not think of utensil-sized portions? Or Mary Poppins? Bytesize Science delivers hot new scientific developments via their series of two- to three-minute podcasts. Your students can learn […]

PicLits provides you with interesting images and, if you need them, word prompts. It all starts with a picture they provide. If you don’t like the one that comes up, you can look for others. Then, your students provide the caption. The word prompts lend themselves to the poetic, so this is a great way […]

I have been using VoiceThread a lot this year with my students. VoiceThread is a great online tool that lets you link or upload pictures, add video, and audio narration, and leave text comments and “doodles.” Many folks end up using it like PowerPoint for final projects, but I like to use it for concept […]

Seriously! Karaoke is good for more than just drunken businessmen (and others) letting off steam. It can be a great way for language learners to practice and improve English language skills. The lyrics rhyme and are repeated, it comes with a written prompt, and the music helps to bring it all together. As Larry Ferlazzo […]