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When teaching English language learners, understanding their cultural backgrounds is crucial. You’ve probably already done a lot of research on the topic, but sometimes it helps to hear students’ stories in their own words. At Education and Class, blogger Jane Van Galen has found several videos in which Spanish-speaking student immigrants give accounts of their […]

Georgia Public Broadcasting’s SALSA program for young children combines live action, puppets, animation, and traditional children’s stories in a bilingual program that teaches Spanish language skills and builds cross-cultural understanding. While Georgia Public Broadcasting offers information on purchasing the series, there are also a great many resources available at no cost on the SALSA website. […]

Do you know someone who’s helped improve literacy for children and adults? Are you that person, and are looking for some way you could finally get some recognition from your colleagues and loved ones? If so, you need to know about the Toyota Family Literacy Teacher of the Year award. The Toyota Family Literacy Teacher […]

When I attended school there was a big push for whole language instruction and very little emphasis was placed on phonics. Now in education the pendulum has swung the other way and we are seeing that phonics instruction is crucial, not only in reading but spelling as well. The English language with all its rules is […]

Some call mathematics the universal language. The answers to problems are the same whether you are speaking Spanish, Urdu, English, French, or Chinese. But for some of us, understanding various mathematical principles can be as daunting in our own language as in one unfamiliar to us. AAA Mathematics, a bilingual website, is a great resource […]

I’m sure you all know about Wikipedia, both the good and bad points . Add another feature to the “good” list: Simple English Wikipedia makes the venerable online encyclopedia perfect for young children or English language learners. It’s pretty much what it sounds like — all articles are written in simple English words and grammar, […]

Looking for a fun tool to use in your elementary reading instruction? Your students will enjoy learning the fundamentals of reading with Starfall. Starfall is a free interactive reading phonics based web site. It targets grades Pre-K through second grade. On the site you can start at the very beginning with the alphabet and move […]

Tired of teaching from the text book? Having a hard time fitting environmental science instruction into the school day? Well EcoKids can change all of that! EcoKids is a Canadian interactive website created to engage students in environmental activities. This site is full of resources for teachers such as lesson plans, printable resources, and helpful […]

When I was not sure which path my career would go, I very seriously considered teaching English in Japan. The salary seemed fine, but I was more interested in getting some exposure to a completely new world. Because of extenuating circumstances that aren’t worth getting into here, I opted to remain a patriot for the […]

Students with special needs or disabilities present a bevy of challenges for teachers. In the age of the interweb, though, you can find all sorts of resources for special needs education. The nice folks at Teaching have assembled a big list of them in The Ultimate Guide to Special Needs Teaching. Here you’ll find […]