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Online writing communities are powerful, and provide numerous opportunities for teachers to connect with their peers as writers.

This article also appears on LEARN NC. BY CINDY PHTHISIC A class of second-graders sits and waves to themselves on screen as the teacher tests the web camera. The students know they’re about to make a video call using Skype. This is the first time they have ever heard about Skype, so they are not […]

BY KEVIN HODGSON This article is also posted on LEARN NC. “Are we Glogging today?” It’s a typical New England morning and our sixth grade students are all dutifully lined up in the fading autumn sunshine beneath the trees. Most schools typically have a series of fire drills toward the start of the year, and […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES This article is also posted on LEARN NC. As educators, most of us are familiar with the dreaded School Improvement Plan (SIP). Every few years each school is required to create an extensive, detailed document that outlines its plan for constant improvement until the next document is due. In the interim, success […]

BY GRETCHEN SCHAEFER This article is also posted on LEARN NC. Teachers have long used portfolios to highlight their education and teaching experience, show evidence of growth, and share examples of their own learning experiences in the classroom. A portfolio is a valuable tool when seeking a new position, for assessing professional growth in an […]

BY LISA HERVEY Many K-12 teachers are very interested in and/or are already effectively leveraging free Web 2.0 tools and other forms of media (audio/video) in their classrooms. This reality was especially evident to me this summer as I worked with teachers from all over the country at The New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute, a […]

Earth Day is coming up on April 22. With that holiday approaching and the glorious springtime weather, aren’t you in the mood to get outside and do something for the environment? Well, if you’re feeling this way, it is likely that under your leadership, your students can attain this feeling also. I think that one […]

This is the second in a series of feature articles about online teaching. Keep checking Instructify every week for a new feature. Click here to read part one, click here Taking the plunge into online teaching — your students. Every educator knows that a significant component of good teaching is good communication, and most of […]

This is the first in a series of feature articles about online teaching. Keep checking Instructify every week for a new feature. If you’re considering taking your teaching skills into the online classroom, you may be wondering what to expect.  How is online learning different from face-to-face learning?  What does it demand of learners and […]

If you put two economists in a room, you get two opinions, unless one of them is Lord Keynes, in which case you get three opinions.– Winston Churchill These troubling times give a whole new meaning to the term dismal science, but all this despair brings lots of opportunities for teaching. Aside from the obvious […]