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Very few of us think data is fun, unless, of course, you’re an accountant or some kind of math or physics whiz. I would guess that even fewer of our students get excited about the prospects of analyzing and graphing numbers and data. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Through the use of […]

My first electronic portfolio was done six years ago using Mozilla Composer and burned to a CD, and my student teaching advisor was thrilled to not have to wade through another four-inch-thick binder filled with plastic sleeves and teacher-themed paper.  Back then, the CD was my compromise for privacy, as setting up a password-protected website […]

Grading can be the bane of any teacher’s existence, especially when it’s not just a matter of comparing a bubble sheet to an answer key. A teacher can spend more mental energy grading a paper or a proof or a problem or a project than the student spent doing it. David Allen’s popular productivity system […]

It seems that nothing in the education field is safe from the permeating presence of The Test. We spend hours analyzing data from The Test; We teach lessons to prepare for The Test; We review for The Test; We get funding as a result of The Test; We are praised or put down in the […]

I have been using VoiceThread a lot this year with my students. VoiceThread is a great online tool that lets you link or upload pictures, add video, and audio narration, and leave text comments and “doodles.” Many folks end up using it like PowerPoint for final projects, but I like to use it for concept […]

No, as much as I would like it to be, this isn’t a post of 100 different students who will make you want to stand up and be proud to teach. This is, however, a compilation of reasons you should remain a teacher or to become a teacher if it is something you’ve already considered. […]

How many of you are still keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? How many of you even remember what they were? It’s easy to give up on a goal after a few days of slacking, whether that goal is to exercise every day, or to grade student essays faster. The problem with long-term goals […]

A few months ago, I posted about reasons you should be blogging, but now, I want to extend that idea and give you some more reasons why. As if the first post wasn’t convincing enough. Not Enough of You Are Doing It – For those of you who are already blogging, skip to the next […]

You’ve finally gotten a laptop to work with, and maybe you’ve started to use it in the classroom. Now you’re going to conferences, and you’ve heard about people “blogging” and using laptops at conferencing, but you’re wondering how to do this, and why? First, think of blogging as a more efficient and effective way to […]

If you are already a blogger, and you get a kick out of sharing your musings and findings on the web, then you’re already doing a great job. If you don’t blog, then here are a few reasons why you should start. Understand Your Voice – Your voice (no, not that nails-on-the-chalkboard noise that comes […]