Instructifeature: Social Networking in Schools

December 12, 2007

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the tragic story of a Missouri teen who committed suicide after interacting with a fake Facebook user. The incident has sparked another round of intense discussion in schools about the power, value, and danger … Continued

Instructifeature: An Educator’s Field Guide for Facebook

December 5, 2007

It used to be for college students only, but now there’s no escaping Facebook if you’re a teacher. Students are jumping ship from clunky, older services like Friendster and MySpace in record numbers, especially now that Facebook has added applications, … Continued

Instructifeature: Three Rules for Advocating School Technology

November 7, 2007

Too many schools fear the Internet like your four-year-old nephew fears his bedroom closet. Forget resources like or FreeRice – these Luddites think every online kilobyte is infested with scammers, predators, and pornography that magically appears on screen the … Continued

Instructifeature: How to Stimulate Class Discussion Using Discussion Forums

October 10, 2007

Tired of blank faces when you ask the class for their thoughts on Tom Sawyer? How about when you ask if there are any questions about the long division lesson, not a single student raises a hand? You can hardly get kids to pipe down when the morning bell rings, but ask the class a direct question and the first thing you hear is an awkward pause.

In-class discussion is an art, and you’ll probably spend most of your teaching career wondering how to keep kids engaged. Fortunately, in this age of the interweb, you can take advantage of online discussion forums to get the dialogue flowing.