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Social-media app foursquare presents several opportunities for learning, ranging from field trips to organized meetings to site-based research.

This article also appears on LEARN NC. BY CINDY PHTHISIC A class of second-graders sits and waves to themselves on screen as the teacher tests the web camera. The students know they’re about to make a video call using Skype. This is the first time they have ever heard about Skype, so they are not […]

BY BILL FERRIS Last year it was gas prices. This year, that darned economy is the culprit for killing school field trips. Even during hard times, your class doesn’t have to be confined to quarters. Target is again offering field trip grants worth up to $800 to 5,000 teachers this year.

BY NICK YINGLING Historical intrigue! Puzzle-solving skills! GPS units? No, its not the latest in the National Treasure franchise. (Nic Cage lovers can only wish!) Instead, it’s a fun new game called “Spy in the City” from the International Spy Museum, in Washington, DC. This AP piece helps debrief new agents on this new interactive […]

BY BILL FERRIS Summertime means fishing, camping trips, taking Junior to the zoo, and hitting the beach. All of those activities put you into contact with the wonders (or if you’re unlucky, the terrors) of the animal kingdom. July’s random roundup brings you the best Instructify posts that feature critters other than humans. Tune in […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES Kids these days, you know?  They don’t care about the state of the world.  They don’t care about endangered species.  They don’t care about the environment.  If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably heard statements such as these (and maybe even thought them a few times yourself in moments of frustraction).  It is […]

If the closest your students have been to the White House is Google Maps, consider taking a virtual field trip via The White House Museum. You can look at floor plans, read detailed descriptions of the various floors and rooms, discover what goes on in each section of the White House, and learn about the […]

Your students may or may not know the importance of estuaries. They may not even know what they are. You can solve both of those knowledge deficiencies by taking them on an online field trip to Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in coastal Alabama. EstuaryLive presents two live broadcasts from Weeks Bay on May […]

One of the great things about the internet era is the ability to flatten the planet a little bit, and make the world a more accessible place. Back in my day, you learned about distant things by reading dusty encyclopedias, or maybe your teacher had a cousin that lived in a far-off place, and they […]

As budgets for field trips (and supplies and paper!?!) get brutally slashed in schools around the country, teachers are looking for alternatives. Okay, no, there never was any money for a field trip to Jordan, but Project Explorer gives the kind of information and experiences that replace — and even exceed in some ways — […]