Hit the road and apply for a Target Field Trip Grant

September 14, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Last year it was gas prices. This year, that darned economy is the culprit for killing school field trips. Even during hard times, your class doesn’t have to be confined to quarters. Target is again offering field … Continued

International Spy Museum unveils interactive spy game

July 10, 2009

BY NICK YINGLING Historical intrigue! Puzzle-solving skills! GPS units? No, its not the latest in the National Treasure franchise. (Nic Cage lovers can only wish!) Instead, it’s a fun new game called “Spy in the City” from the International Spy … Continued

Random roundup: The animal kingdom

July 8, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Summertime means fishing, camping trips, taking Junior to the zoo, and hitting the beach. All of those activities put you into contact with the wonders (or if you’re unlucky, the terrors) of the animal kingdom. July’s random … Continued

Conservation-minded virtual field trips at Field Trip Earth

June 11, 2009

BY REBECCAH HAINES Kids these days, you know?  They don’t care about the state of the world.  They don’t care about endangered species.  They don’t care about the environment.  If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably heard statements such as these … Continued

Take a virtual tour of The White House Museum

May 29, 2009

If the closest your students have been to the White House is Google Maps, consider taking a virtual field trip via The White House Museum. You can look at floor plans, read detailed descriptions of the various floors and rooms, … Continued

Take a virtual field trip with EstuaryLive

May 12, 2009

Your students may or may not know the importance of estuaries. They may not even know what they are. You can solve both of those knowledge deficiencies by taking them on an online field trip to Weeks Bay National Estuarine … Continued