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Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement is one little corner of the wired world where complaints about the teaching profession loom large, but this time, the slings and arrows come from inside the classroom.

FutureMe lets you send an email to yourself at a specified time in the future. You provide the email address, add a subject line, write a note to your future self, and then choose when it should get delivered.

After delighting young readers for more than 40 years in newspapers across the country, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library has published digital archives of The Mini Page’s more than 2,000 issues dating from 1969 through 2007.

ZooBurst lets you build virtual pop-up books online. Through a simple WYSIWYG interface, you can upload images and enter text to tell a story.

At History for Music Lovers, popular songs are transformed into history lessons with a humorous twist. Topics like The Black Plague (sung to Gwen Stefani) and the French Revolution (Lady Gaga) are featured in this collection of homemade videos by two Hawaii teachers.

This Is Sand is an ideal art tool for elementary students to create virtual sand sculptures.

Blogger Jane Hart’s annual list of 100 Tools for Learning runs the gamut from multimedia production to practical tools that may simplify a task.

With Halloween nearing, it might be time to take out your virtual carving knife and create a Jack O’Lantern without the mess of guts and seeds.

More and more educators are seeing the value in alternative literacies such as graphic novels and comics. To understand the wealth of thinking that goes into a comic (both as a writer and as a reader), Blambot has created a chart of “Comics Grammar.”

Smilebox offers slide-show and scrapbook-creation options, as well as the ability to make invitations, collages and greeting cards.