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Virtual Field Trips offers a bundle of web excursions – perfect if you want to break the ennui of concrete walls without actually having to go through the rigamarole of leaving school grounds. The trips are simply step-by-step web seminars designed to educate and fulfill the needs of taking an actual field trip without having […]

Face it: you need stuff for your classroom. And there’s not enough money to pay for it all. Well, with an online community called Freecycle and a little vigilance, you may get some of that stuff for free. Freecycle works on a pretty simple principle: it’s better to give your old stuff away to someone […]

I am often asked why I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Forestry at Wisconsin. I usually have some stock answers to give: I like the outdoors, I like trees, I look good in work boots and hard hats (ahem). I only wish I’d found EEK! earlier. Not only does this site, sponsored the […]

Personally, I love games. I like them more when they are challenging, insightful and educational. Edheads is the kind of site that I can really get behind. With an array of fun, flash based games to improve science and reasoning skills, this site is way above its competition. The animation and style of the page […]

Get what you other people pay for. Nothing makes a Friday afternoon at Instructify easier than stuff that’s self-explanatory. That’s why we’re pleased as punch to tell you about Giveaway of the Day, a site that’s even better than what it sounds like. Every 24 hours Giveaway of the Day features one piece of software […]

Imagine a world where school children could develop their own code to produce original content for the web. Now look around you because you are living in that world. Scratch is an application developed by MIT to allow children (of all ages) to create their own interactive games, stories, and other media with the ease […]

Oh, those silly people from history! How quickly they have dismissed and written off our greatest achievements and worst disasters as mere “fads” or “passing fancies.” Pish-posh to them, says I! It’s hard to fathom that Thomas Edison himself once said “Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use […]

The Water Rocket Index is quite possibly the most extensive site about water rockets I’ve ever seen. (It is also the first.) The page covers everything from construction to safety, and offers tips and tactics to get the most of your water rocketeering. (Make this your excuse to get out of racketeering, as my spell […]