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I’m at the NCTIES conference in Raleigh. The intro session featured Vicki Davis of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Renowned for using nifty tools in her teaching, she shared a great philosophy for integrating technology into your classroom: focus on what you want to DO, and THEN pick your tools. Deciding you want a blog […]

Five Best Note-Taking Tools Back when I was a student, we had to take notes with a pen and paper. Today’s learners have a lot more options that take advantage of online technology. Lifehacker presents this list of the top five ways to take notes (don’t worry, my trust old pen and paper made the […]

I came across this post on a couple of months back. After thoroughly pillaging this list for ideas to write about for Instructify, I decided to just share with you this list of 50 sites. Plagiarism police, calm yourselves — some of the things on this list had already been on Instructify first. This […]

Are you trying to access a YouTube video to show in class, but can’t break through the firewall between you and it? KickYouTube lets you download whatever YouTube video you want to your home computer so you can load it on a thumb drive and bring it to school. The operation is really easy.  Let’s […]

What would you do if Instructify crashed? Cancel classes? Cry in the corner? Those would certainly be understandable reactions. Fortunately, Instructify is built of only the finest electrons, consonants and vowels, so such a crash is unlikely. But other sites on the interweb aren’t so sturdy. How should you handle those situations? You can handle […]

Oh, what was that you say? Your third laptop was stolen from you for the third time in a row!? How terribly unfortunate for you… Maybe someone is trying to gaslight you, make you go insane and swindle you out of your rightful inheritance! This whole affair reminds me of a similar crime I once […]

Get your kids involved in learning about science and experimentation via robotics, project-based learning, and of course, Web 2.0. On Thursday, October 23, USDLC hosts Hands-On, Minds-On Learning and Teaching: Project-Based Learning Meets Digital Tools. Middle school science teacher Joselyn Todd will make a presentation in Second Life at the Bookhenge on Star Island. If […]

Have you ever needed to show a YouTube video at an inservice where there is no Internet service, or there’s a firewall that makes the Great Wall of China look like a picket fence? Have you ever needed to convert a word document to PDF? Have you ever needed to convert JPG image files to […]

I love Firefox. Not only has it proved more stable as a browser than IE (Internet Explorer), and has some great built-in features (like spell check), it has a bunch of great add-ons (or plug-ins, or extensions). Many can be found on the Mozilla site (publisher of Firefox). I’m going to focus today on the […]

I remember in 1996 when someone told me that I didn’t just have to use AOL’s web browser to surf “the ‘Net” (that’s what everyone called it back then). Apparently, you could also use Internet Explorer to check out web pages! Surely, such mind-exploding information probably gave me an instant nose bleed. Jump to early […]