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Do your instrumental music students keep time horribly? Do they rush the beat like they’re in a race against the drummer? A metronome can help kids learn to maintain a steady tempo, and the annoying clicks give added incentive to try and master this skill faster. But who wants to buy a little box whose […]

Rescue some technology from the trash and stretch your school’s supply budget with this cool project. Does your school have a busted laptop or a flat screen monitor bound for the dumpster? Hack-2-School, a site for design students, shows how you can combine the LCD screen with an old overhead projector to make a wall-filling […]

Your smug, battery devouring TI-85 just got some competition. Calc5, a free Web app, is an online graphing calculator that lets you plot 2D and 3D graphs which you can zoom and pan. It performs simple and complex calculations, from addition to differentiation. Though not as portable as a traditional graphing calculator, it could be […]