Win education travel fellowships from EarthWatch

January 28, 2010

BY DAVID BARGER As Mark Twain famously remarked, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” In today’s world of war and unrest, it is not hard to see that we all could use a little less of these things … Continued

Trivia games abound at Sporcle

October 9, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS As schools move away from rote memorization of facts, what happens to those kids who like to rattle off the state capitals or list all the presidents? They can put their knowledge of educational trivia to good … Continued

Random roundup: Indiana Jones

September 23, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS As further proof that my pop-culture awareness stopped sometime in the mid-90s, this month’s random roundup features Indiana Jones, apparently Instructify’s go-to reference to convey that a history or archaeology tool is exciting or adventurous in some … Continued

Monday by the numbers

July 6, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS This week’s MBTN features tips to help you to hang on to your job, a panoramic tour of the new seven wonders of the world, and ideas on how to make Wordle educational. More after the jump.

Show off your geography skills at Know Your States

May 22, 2009

If your geography students haven’t learned the locations of all the states by now, maybe they need a little game-based incentive. Know Your States is a geography game where students have to plop all 50 states into their correct positions … Continued