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We here at Instructify love to hear from you. Would you like to leave some feedback on this posting or just send me a message? Simple: just go up on your roof and paint your remarks in big, block letters. If you’re in a rural area, you might arrange some rocks in a field. Then […]

Many, many changes have taken place in the world since we last visited Google Earth. I don’t mean changes in the outside world. No, that’s a terrible place! I mean the world you can explore inside of the latest update for Google Earth. Google Earth 5 has a bunch of new content for you to […]

As budgets for field trips (and supplies and paper!?!) get brutally slashed in schools around the country, teachers are looking for alternatives. Okay, no, there never was any money for a field trip to Jordan, but Project Explorer gives the kind of information and experiences that replace — and even exceed in some ways — […]

As if Antarctica wasn’t inhospitable enough, it’s also got a freaking volcano.  Mount Erebus, the world’s southernmost active volcano, showed signs of life in February, and NASA’s Earth Observatory got a nice overhead shot of it, along with some thermal imaging that shows off the volcano’s lava lake. This photo might add some color to […]

NASA’s Earth Observatory has picked up some some great images of the bushfires in Australia. Seeing these from outer space gives an idea of the scale of these fires. While you’re there, be sure to look at some of their other photos, such as the Antarctic warming trends, or shots of the crowds during the […]

At one point in time, I knew all 50 U.S. states and their capitals. I am confident I could still name a majority of them, too. What’s more is that at one point I also knew all the countries and their capitals. I could name even fewer of these now. Nonetheless, it was all the […]

Two things I don’t particularly enjoy: geography and quizzes. I have a horrible sense of direction, and who really enjoys quizzes, anyway? Yet somehow I love the San Francisco Chronicle’s Annual Geography Quiz. It’s eerily similar to last year’s quiz in that the questions are fun, and in the words of quiz-creator John Flinn, it […]

Taking a group of students on a field trip to Rome may be financially unrealistic, and taking them to Ancient Rome is physically impossible. Fortunately, an international team of researchers worked more than 10 years to provide the next best thing: a three-dimensional model of Rome in the year 320 AD. Enter Ancient Rome 3D […]

I don’t envy you geography teachers. Ever since Pangaea split apart over 100 million years ago you’ve been stuck dealing with the same seven shapes. Sure, every once in a while a landmass changes names because of a change in ownership, but you have to admit that an awful lot of maps look the same. […]

As a classroom teacher my favorite unit to teach is on geography with the use of the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. Each year after reading this story I would have my students become the character Flat Stanley.  Each student’s silhouette would be traced on white banner paper. They would then take their cutout […]