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Do you know which nation’s borders are in both Asia and Africa? Can you count the number of U.S. state capitals west of Los Angeles? Which state is the only one to grow coffee commercially? If you know the answers – or even if you don’t – spend a few minutes taking the San Francisco […]

When I first moved to Florida from Nebraska, I was amazed at how many people had no idea where Nebraska was. Look, I know the Cornhusker state isn’t a tourist hot spot, but I’d assumed people had at least a vague idea of where to find it. Instead, I heard guesses that Nebraska was everywhere […]

With all the hubbub about the One Laptop per Child initiative, it’s nice to see how these little gadgets affect children’s lives. Our Stories lets you see children using their new laptops, and in the process, gives you a glimpse of their lives, and the conditions that make OLPC necessary in the first place. No […]

Want more proof that the best educational games are geography-based? Take the Traveler IQ Challenge, a game that rewards your knowledge of great cities and tourist traps. Traveler IQ Challenge is pretty much a single-player Geosense with better graphics. But in addition to identifying cities, you’re also challenged to point out famous places like Buckingham […]

Exert some global aggression without resorting to violence. Geosense tests your knowledge of US, European and world geography by listing cities and challenging you to find them on a political map. If that sounds too easy for you, you can play against strangers from around the world as you try to see who’s the fastest […]

Here’s a frustrating fun challenge for you: can you list all 50 U.S. states in 10 minutes? Sure, you tell yourself, I’ve heard of the states, I’ve even been to some of ‘em. How hard can it be? Point your browser to Ironic Sans and try it, smart guy. Then, when you’re kicking yourself because […]