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Video conferencing can be a powerful tool for education. You can use these tools to connect distant classrooms, integrate guest speakers, and correspond with students and parents. Google Hangouts is a great addition to the vast world of video conferencing options. Hangouts sets itself apart right away in the fact that it is designed for […]

Take your students on a field trip underwater with Google Maps’ Street View Ocean collection.

Twurdy (a mash-up of “too wordy”) is a user-friendly search engine that color-codes search results according to their reading levels.

Where’s my Droid is a free application that helps you find find your lost Android phone.

Google has partnered with Yad Vashem to further digitize and index its extensive archive of Holocaust photographs and documents.

Gone are the days when teachers have to rely on the limited selection of paper-bound “readers” for supplementary material like primary documents or scholarly articles. There’s a plethora of sources on the web, and Google’s specialized searches make it easier than ever to find what you want.

Google Docs just got a bit more interesting, as you can now upload and share videos in Google Docs.

Middle and high school students can win scholarships, internships, prizes, and a trip to the Googleplex in California via the Google Science Fair.

Teach Parents Tech care packages are aimed at students who want to help their adult parents learn such skills as taking a screenshot, adjusting time on your computer clock, copying and pasting text, and resizing photos.

Google’s advanced search function lets you filter search results by reading level.