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Google Maps Mania is a blog that highlights the different ways Google Maps and Google Earth mashups are trending, and the educational value that they have.

Tom Barrett has created a series of Google Presentations that can provide valuable insight into a wealth of possible technology tools for the classroom.

Google Flu Trends tracks the flu across the globe by using data from search queries to track where the flu is most intense.

The Earth and Space Science QUEST site includes a great collection of lessons that utilize Google Earth.

Google Moderator allows for discussion around a single topic. Designed for meetings, this tool facilitates real-time feedback in meetings (like classrooms), or crowdsourcing the development of new ideas.

If you are someone who wonders what Google Docs is all about, Google has just launched a Google Docs Demo Site that allows you to create a document, spreadsheet or drawing without registering for an account.

Everyone knows nuclear weapons are deadly. Ground Zero makes the destruction hit home, semi-literally.

BY KEVIN HODGSON If you watched the Super Bowl on television this year, you no doubt caught the Google commercial that told of a love story entirely through search queries. The ad, known as Parisian Love, was effective and I know I wondered — from a writing and teaching perspective — how it could be […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES This article is also posted on LEARN NC. As educators, most of us are familiar with the dreaded School Improvement Plan (SIP). Every few years each school is required to create an extensive, detailed document that outlines its plan for constant improvement until the next document is due. In the interim, success […]

BY GRETCHEN SCHAEFER When it comes to students building models in class, why should they make the same old sugar cube igloo as everyone else when they can create paper replicas of the Capitol building? Creating a 3D model on the computer can be fun for aspiring architects and designers, but the fun doesn’t have to […]