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Back in February, Jeremy blogged about Doodle 4 Google, a contest where students redesigned the Google logo based around the question, “What if…?”. The entries are in, and you can now vote for your favorites. The winning drawing will replace the usual Google logo on May 22. If you missed the contest deadline, you can […]

Want to check out where, exactly, the eagle had landed? From the folks who brought you Google Earth (namely Google) comes Google Moon. Now your students can explore the Sea of Tranquility from their desks. Google Moon works a lot like Google Maps and Google Earth except, you know, on the moon. In addition to […]

Odysseus may be hopelessly lost, but you and your students don’t have to be. Thanks to Google Lit Trips, you can follow the story from above with all the clarity of Zeus. With the satellite imagery and smooth-sailing style of Google Earth, these tours of the greatest road trips ever written will help your students […]

Unless you have never seen a computer in your entire life or have never heard of the Internet, you know all about Google and what a wonderful tool it is. Heck, I bet you’ve even used the word “Google” as a verb in the the past twelve hours. If you’ve used the search engine on […]

It’s high time you started using Google Docs. In their ongoing efforts to take over the world, Google has created a free online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application. There’s nothing to download, you can save in Microsoft Office formats, and you can share your documents online with as many (or as few) people as […]

Top Ten Obscure Google Search Tricks – Lifehacker provides us with this list of 10 ways you didn’t know you could use Google just in time for the new year (Has it been 2008 for a week ALREADY?). Included in this list are useful, and definitely obscure tips like “Get the local time anywhere” and […]

When I kick back and grade papers on the couch, nothing annoys me more than calls on my cell phone. Hello, I’m paying for those minutes, and I’ve got a perfectly good home phone you could call! GrandCentral is a new Google service (I do love those Google services) that gives you total control of […]

I can’t remember the last time I used a phone book for its intended purpose (though I do have two copies of the Yellow Pages currently raising my monitor to the appropriate height). When I need a phone number, I generally just Google it. This has worked great on most occasions, but I’m consistently foiled […]