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Nostradamus once prophesied: “Three great leaders will become enemies / Earthquakes and disaster falling from the heavens.” Pretty wild stuff, am I right? As resident numerologist and astrology blogger for Instructify, I can agree with Nostradamus on the earthquakes and whatnot — but great leaders becoming enemies? That’s a bit too far-fetched, especially when the […]

3 Challenges to Wiki Use in Instruction Every teacher’s got a wiki these days. So what do you do with it in class? Integrating a piece of technology doesn’t lend itself to flying by the seat of one’s pants. THE Journal presents 3 Challenges to Wiki Use in Instruction, discussing what factors must be overcome […]

It’s time again for our random roundup. This month’s theme: NASA, pioneers of space and subjects of an awful lot of posts. Do-it-yourself is in, even with podcasting at NASA! It seems that every time you turn around these days someone’s encouraging you to complete a DIY project.  Why pay for someone else to do […]

Last year, before the presidential election, we first featured Politifact. I even worked in a Flavor Flav reference. But that was months ago, the election is over and I hate reading anything I wrote that’s more than three weeks old.  To quote so many ex-girlfriends, “I’ve moved on.” Still, we wouldn’t like to see all […]

Check out this great picture from yesterday’s inauguration. As the GeoEye-1 satellite hurtled through the cosmos,  it took this snapshot to commemorate the historic occasion. That’s a lot of people! Not only that, I now know the roof of the Capitol is tarheel blue. -BILL FERRIS 2009 Inaugural Celebration. Washington D.C. National Mall via […]

Some new neighbors moved into the old Bush place on Pennsylvania Avenue today. If you couldn’t make it to the welcome to the neighborhood party, you can still get to know the new residents of the White House at the newly updated website. It’s a good chance to read up on President Obama, as […]

Have you ever watched one of the U.S. Congress sessions on TV? Or gone to Washington, D.C. and sat in on one of the assemblies? Well, if you haven’t, don’t waste your time. It’s quite possibly one of the most boring things in the history of the planet. Thankfully, there are more informative and engaging […]

Jon White is an artist. Not only is he skilled in the ways of character animation, drawing, CSS and HTML, he also knows a thing or two about education. From his bio: But beyond everything else, what gets my blood pumping are the lightbulb moments. The episodes of clarity, of understanding, and of fun when […]

By now, I assume that many of your students are interested in an upcoming event involving two major political parties and several men named Joe (Biden, Six-Pack, The Plumber). I also gather that this country called America is divided into 50 territories, known as “states.” It would appear that these “states” have something to do […]

There’s apparently a presidential election in a couple weeks. If you’re looking for a few election-related resources for your next civics lesson, here’s a roundup of political sites, tools, what-have-you. Access, Analyze, Act: Three cheers for representative democracy! Make sense of electoral votes with the 2008 Swing State Map Keep track of elections with Gallup […]