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Aren’t elections awesome? In addition to getting kids excited about democracy, they can be a conduit to all kinds of projects. At one school, students held a mock election on voting machines running elections software built by computer science students. At another, students built an edible map of their town and looked at how local […]

The government can be helpful after all. Lifehacker has assembled a self-explanatory list of government websites in the article, “U.S. government websites you didn’t know you could use.” “Overlooked and difficult to find, there are hundreds of thousands of U.S. government web sites that can help you accomplish a variety of tasks. At the right […]

Writer, philanthropist, inventor, visionary…Mr. Franklin has done it again– well, in a manner of speaking, at least. Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids is an excellent resource for students, parents and teachers alike to explore all the basics of the U.S. Government and its history. Check out this fun and easy-to-follow guide for kids […]

Through the window of your computer screen, Washington grows one step closer to transparency. For people who can’t spend their weekends with C-SPAN, provides bill-by-bill breakdown of what’s going down in the House and Senate. It also relays campaign contributions from the reputable Other relevant congressional news goes up on the Congress Gossip […]