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Paper Rater is an automated tool which analyzes a piece of writing along a set of criteria, including possible plagiarism, grammar and spelling, vocabulary choices, style and more.

Welcome to May’s random roundup. This month’s theme: Little Johnny, one-man stand-in for school-aged children the world over. After a year-and-a-half of hard work, we figured this overused cliche deserved a post of his own before he gets back to studying. Time-savers for teachers For other notes and resources the students need, consider giving this […]

Too often, developers think that just changing the fonts on a tool to Comic Sans will make it educator-friendly, when, really, there are a lot of big things to think about when designing for K-12 education. Because the developers of Edmodo are IT folks who’ve been working in public K-12 schools, they clearly understand that […]

I didn’t have a working printer when I was in school, and even if I had a working printer I would have probably never had paper or ink. I was unprepared, but I wasn’t entirely helpless. Keep in mind this was at a time when flash drives were luxury items and way before Google Docs. […]

Welcome to the Carnival of Education Career Fair! We’ve retracted the bleachers and set up the booths on the gymnasium floor so these brave teachers can see what they might be doing if they weren’t teaching (perish the thought). Motivational Speaker Mr. D at I Want to Teach Forever agreed to sport a freaking mohawk […]

In a May 4 article titled “I Know What You Did Last Math Class,” the New York Times explores one unfortunate side effect of technology in schools. The article examines how parents are taking advantage of services that connect them with student progress reports, including attendance and grading information. And though no one can deny […]

The semester will end soon. That means you’ll be bombarded with questions about grades, make-up assignments, and the rigors of grading itself. If these thoughts give you a headache, consider Engrade your aspirin. Engrade is basically an online grade book that lets you record and share grades. You can set up a grade book in […]