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BY BILL FERRIS The $1000 Planet Connect Environmental Grant deadline has been extended until November 15. If you read our post about last year’s grant, you know it’s awarded to the best solutions proposed by students to solve environmental problems.

BY REBECCAH HAINES I can’t really imagine a teacher not using technology in his or her classroom, especially a reader of Instructify.  And, we all could use a little more money to purchase more of that technology, couldn’t we?  So please take some time to look at and apply for the Vernier & NSTA Technology […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES I think North Carolina’s Electric Cooperative’s Bright Ideas grant program may be one of the best-kept secrets in the state.  I’ve been very successful at receiving these grants when I’ve applied.  The maximum amount varies by the actual electric cooperative that serves that county.  However, they seem to range between $1,000 and […]

BY BILL FERRIS Win a trip to Antarctica. Yes, that’s supposed to be an incentive. PolarTREC will send 36 teachers to the Arctic or Antarctic to work with polar research teams. They’ll take a mittens-on approach to learning about atmospheric chemistry, biology, history and culture in the coldest places on earth.

BY BILL FERRIS Last year it was gas prices. This year, that darned economy is the culprit for killing school field trips. Even during hard times, your class doesn’t have to be confined to quarters. Target is again offering field trip grants worth up to $800 to 5,000 teachers this year.

BY BILL FERRIS Check out these upcoming educational grants, as listed on Grant Wrangler. Last minute: Gladys Marinelli Coccia Awards — Deadline August 1 This award recognizes young (14 to 17-year-old) female social entrepreneurs who start enterprises for the common good. The winner receives $2,000 for the enterprise, travel, and access to social enterprise resources […]

Check out these upcoming educational grants, as listed on Grant Wrangler. Samsung Focus on Learning Grant Program — Deadline: June 15 Need a Samsung 850DX document camera? Samsung is giving away 50 of them to educators who can demonstrate a need for them. Universe Adventure Student Video Contest — Deadline: June 15 The Berkley Center […]

Hearing the word biotechnology always makes me think of mad scientists and Frankenstein, even though I am an educated person, and a science teacher, and I know better. Biotechnology can lead to some kind of Frankenstein-ish applications like this, but also lots of other valuable endeavors. In North Carolina, we have several options from the […]

Here are some recent featured grants from Grant Wrangler, a great Ning site for educator grants that we’ve blogged about here. Summer Seminars and Institutes for Teachers – March 2, 2009 Stipends for teachers and librarians to study humanities topics in a variety of summer seminars and institutes. Ultimate Cool School Science Day Sweepstakes – […]

We’ve done posts on different grant opportunities for educators. Some of you may have applied for those grants, but what if you don’t know what to say in a grant or award proposal? What if you’ve sent out so many grant applications that you’re becoming the U.S. Postal service’s best friend, and haven’t gotten bupkis? […]