Tuesday by the Numbers

August 5, 2008

Five Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations -Michael Hyatt’s blog, Working Smart, has these 5 great tips to spice up your next PowerPoint. The article is written from a business perspective, but that doesn’t mean these tips won’t help you when … Continued

Monday by the Numbers

May 19, 2008

12 Superfoods You Need to be Eating – If there’s anyone who loves to eat, it’s me. Unfortunately, I don’t always pay too much attention to what I am putting in my body. Lucky for me, and everyone else out … Continued

Monday by the Numbers

May 5, 2008

Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower Exercise your mind with these 12 strategies from Wired designed to max out your brainpower. Tips include exercising wisely, putting the right kinds of information in your brain, and even … Continued

Monday by the Numbers

March 24, 2008

8 Firefox Extensions Towards Safer Browsing – Personally, I HATE pop-up ads, (and most banner ads) so I do whatever I can to avoid them. Firefox already does a nice job of keeping pop-ups from occurring, but there is a … Continued

Crack The BioDaVersity Code

March 14, 2008

I never read The DaVinci Code or saw the movie version, but I have a pretty good indication of what it’s all about. If you are a fan of either, then you’ll probably enjoy this Flash cartoon parody that employs … Continued

Force Feed Food Force to Your Students

March 12, 2008

From the comfort of our living rooms, we can build make-believe cities, play lead guitar in a rock and roll band, and dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. As computer games continue to dominate our students’ leisure time, … Continued

Monday by the Numbers

January 7, 2008

Top Ten Obscure Google Search Tricks – Lifehacker provides us with this list of 10 ways you didn’t know you could use Google just in time for the new year (Has it been 2008 for a week ALREADY?). Included in … Continued

Monday by the Numbers (Tuesday Edition)

December 11, 2007

Better late than never, right folks? Sorry for the late post, but I had too much eggnog this weekend… Anywho, onward to the numbers! 2000 Uses for WD-40 – I know it isn’t necessarily a teaching tool, but chances are … Continued