Death in Rome: Turn your lesson into a crime thriller

September 15, 2010

What plot could be more alluring than a murder mystery? Whether you’re teaching about the Roman Empire or just want to give your students an exercise in logic, the BBC game Death in Rome will bring CSI-style detective drama into your classroom.

Create historical photo mashups with HistoryPin

September 9, 2010

HistoryPin invites users to upload images from the modern day in conjunction with images of the same places from yesteryear, allowing the viewer to see the changes of a locale located on an interactive map. Along with the images, users are encouraged to write a “story” behind the picture.

Try some interactive learning at

August 17, 2010

At Interactives at, you will find interactive activities in the content areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, History, and the Arts. Within each activity there is a combination of text, animations, pictures, and interactive material.

Harvest knowledge, creativity with AnswerGarden

August 3, 2010

AnswerGarden is sort of like a virtual garden, in which you plant a question or query and wait patiently for folks to provide the answers or responses. The “garden” of responses then grows right before your eyes.