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The Parents’ Guide to Facebook by Anne Collier and Larry Magid provides valuable advice for to parents, whether they themselves use Facebook or not. The guide has numerous screenshots and pieces of practical advice written in clear, concise language.

URLVoid uses various virus search engines to scan a website. It then gives you a very useful report you can use to evaluate the safety of that site.

We all leave behind a trail of digital footprints when we use technology, whether it is from searching with Google or logging into a social network. MyFootprints helps students understand that what they are doing today with technology might have ramifications tomorrow.

Avast’s free anti-virus software is one of the best options available out there. Long preferred by users who want basic protection without the resource hogging that most anti-virus suites invariably entail, Avast covers all the basics and runs smoothly in the background.

BY BILL FERRIS If you use any of the free applications we talk about on Instructify, you’ve probably registered for user accounts on a lot of web sites. You have a different username and password for each of them, right? Right? I’m guessing you (and several of your students) use one password for several websites. […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE My daughter, who is three, sent me a picture message from school yesterday (with the help of her teacher), and it just reinforced the reality that children are accessing the internet and mobile devices much younger these days. While the internet is such a valuable resource to bring concepts to life […]

BY BILL FERRIS I don’t know what I did to get on the Federal Trade Commission’s radar, but I’ve gotten a bunch of email from them lately. So far, it’s all been good — the first email was for YouAreHere, a cool site that tells kids how to be savvy consumers. Now they’ve sent me […]

BY BILL FERRIS Whenever a new social networking tool shows up, a horror story of someone getting into trouble for abusing it follows shortly thereafter. A teacher in Scotland got into trouble recently for writing about her students on Twitter, during school hours no less. You’re all smart people, and I have no doubt that […]

A new site from the AdCouncil is designed to help communicate with teens about the problems associated with “Cyber pressure.” Times are certainly different for teens now than they have ever been before, thanks to technology being as accessible and popular as it is. Thats Not Cool is a site that helps teens find ways […]

As educators, it is our responsibility to provide our students with the tools necessary to be successful, not only in our classroom, but in life. As a technology integration specialist, I believe part of this responsibility we have is to teach our students how to be good cybercitizens. Most districts in the United States and […]