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Newspaper Map is an amazing overview of how news is being published — and by extension, how history is being written — by connecting literally thousands of newspapers from around the world on a single interactive map.

NASA has called a press conference for Thursday, December 2 to announce findings that will “impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.” You and your class can watch to the conference via NASA’s website.

A project known as “One Day on Earth” seeks to document the ways in which people live and work and play on the day our calendar points to the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year in the millennium. Almost 450,000 students at more than 500 locations around the globe have signed up to participate

Before your school newspaper or yearbook shells out the big bucks to license Adobe InDesign CS5, take a moment to consider Scribus, a free, open-source desktop-publishing option.

BY BILL FERRIS Cable news network Cable News Network (that’s CNN to you and me) has launched a new blog for breaking news, This Just In. This blog will post news updates just after they happen, as well as other items that are “interesting and worth sharing.” This Just In is a handy resource for […]

BY BILL FERRIS Just because you don’t know web design doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice-looking website. Wix lets you create a Flash-based website from one of their many templates, or build a site from scratch. Here’s a sample site I made in about five minutes. Wix templates allow you to create sub-pages, upload […]

For this month’s random roundup, we’ve selected the Library of Congress, our nation’s storehouse of pretty much everything worth knowing. As you’d expect, a lot of great resources for teachers have been derived from the Library. See your tax dollars at work.

The New York Times, on its own, is a great resource for teachers and students. But when you add a special area just for teachers, it gets even better. The Learning Network helps teachers and students wrangle the information on their site into useful content for the classroom. The Learning Network caters to three groups: […]

The New York Times‘ famous slogan reads, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”‘s motto: all the news. features live streaming video feeds from TV stations all over the globe, from Scranton to Sri Lanka. It’s also got a clickable map — want to catch up on current events in Ireland? Scroll on […]

The creative folks at Photojojo have come up with the Super-Secret Photo Projects Just for Kids! which is wittily subtitled, “Back Off, Grownups.” They have three great project/shot suggestions, Getting down low (bug’s eye-view). Using perspective to make one person look miniature and the other gigantic (photo-shrink ray). Taking photos of everything and one in […]