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Word Source is a site that calls itself “the social dictionary,” and at first, that made me very skeptical. It’s not that I dislike people, but I believe some things are better experienced alone. Is there a more blissfully solitary activity than looking up a word? Discovering its origin? Its subtle shades of meaning? Why […]

There’s a lively discussion in the comments over at the Reference Extract planning site: some visitors are skeptical (to say the least) about the need for a search engine that gives results “weighted towards sites most often referred to by librarians at institutions such as the Library of Congress.” But both teachers and librarians know […]

Don’t be deterred by the terms-of-use warning on the front page, which cautions you to “surf at your own risk.”    The Florida Virtual Library is an excellent resource for student exploration, research, and reference, compiling an abundance of links to support education. If you find “objectionable content” here, you’ll find it at Disneyworld. The Florida […]

By now you’re surely familiar with Google Book Search, the project to digitize and display millions of books, which began in 2004. You’ve doubtless noticed that ordinary Google searches now turn up results from books, so that a student’s search for “Silas Marner” will point her not just to Wikipedia, but to the text and […]

Do you know someone who’s helped improve literacy for children and adults? Are you that person, and are looking for some way you could finally get some recognition from your colleagues and loved ones? If so, you need to know about the Toyota Family Literacy Teacher of the Year award. The Toyota Family Literacy Teacher […]

5 Sources for Free and Legal Images -If you blog or use any sort of photography in your presentations, you might want to start thinking about making sure those photos and images are legal for you to use. If you want to skip that step, try using one of these five sources from The Blog […]

The folks at the Internet Public Library know what every good public librarian knows: Teens need their own space. Teens are loud and opinionated, and they need to be convinced that hanging out in the library is worth their time. While the volume element isn’t such an issue in the virtual world, the second part […]

Millions of children (and adults!) have enjoyed the classic children’s book of Eric Carle at home, in the library, and at school. The author and illustrator has a website that includes biographical information, a bibliography with summaries and links to reviews, a photo and video gallery, and a frequently asked questions page that contains the […]

We all know games are fun, but can they be used for learning? In a word, “YES!” Games for Educators is a web site provided by the Chicago Toy & Game Fair and Live Oak Games to promote using games in education. Well, they are game sellers, but why would you, as a teacher, want […]

The Library of Congress is an impressively gigantic organization. It occupies three large buildings on Capitol Hill. It contains more than 138 million items in its collection. It holds materials in 470 languages. And the Librarian of Congress has the very librarian-ish name James H. Billington. Impressive! Given these facts, is it any surprise that […]