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Welcome to May’s random roundup. This month’s theme: Little Johnny, one-man stand-in for school-aged children the world over. After a year-and-a-half of hard work, we figured this overused cliche deserved a post of his own before he gets back to studying. Time-savers for teachers For other notes and resources the students need, consider giving this […]

25 Item To-Do List Everyone Should be Doing – If you’re not already making to-do lists in order to be the most productive you can be, maybe now is the time to start. This list from BANDBMAMA’s Blog is a great place to start. Such helpful items as taking a walk to smiling at others […]

In today’s economy, two things are certain: Lazy writers will lead off their stories by saying how bad the economy is. People are looking harder for good deals. If you’re an educator who’d like to find good deals on books, head to your local Borders bookstore March 19 through 25 and get 25% off. Just […]

100+ More Ways to Organize your Life – 2009 is going to be the year I get totally organized. I think I got a good start in ’08, but new years allow for new beginnings. So for me, you or anyone else who is interested in sorting out his/her life, Mashable has a great article […]

Welcome to the last week of 2008. It’s been a fun year for us here at Instructify, and we hope that 2009 brings good tidings and an onslaught of (attainable) resolutions for you and your classroom. Here are a few lists to end the year right. 77 Colorful Words – Stop trying to think of […]

Happy Holidays, teachers and students. Here’s a little gift from us to you to of some lists upon which everything is nice, ne’er naughty. Hope you enjoy these numbers and have a wonderful holiday season. 10 Things They Need to Teach in High School – Most of my high school classes were there for the […]

Even if you love what you do, work can be a serious drag. Every once in a while, everyone finds themselves in a place where work feels too much like… well, work. Especially when it comes to teaching, it can be all-too-easy to over-think, get distracted or get bogged down with things that don’t actually […]

The folks at the Internet Public Library know what every good public librarian knows: Teens need their own space. Teens are loud and opinionated, and they need to be convinced that hanging out in the library is worth their time. While the volume element isn’t such an issue in the virtual world, the second part […]

How many of you are still keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? How many of you even remember what they were? It’s easy to give up on a goal after a few days of slacking, whether that goal is to exercise every day, or to grade student essays faster. The problem with long-term goals […]

Schools get hit hard by rising gas prices — not only do teachers and staff have to pay more in gas, but so do parents dropping off their kids. A lot of kids take the bus to school, but it’s not an option for many families. GoLoco is doing its part to encourage car pooling […]