Our Changing World expresses economic, social data through maps

January 14, 2011

At Our Changing World, choose a topic and watch the size of each country morph to reflect various data. Certain parts of the world will expand or shrink depending on the value of their exports or their number of computer users, for example.

MapCrunch gives you a tour of the world

December 10, 2010

MapCrunch allows you to randomly tour spots on the earth, or choose your tour by continent, and within seconds, you have zoomed right into something interesting.

Chart the web with the Internet Mapping Project

June 9, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Set course for Wikipedia! Facebook ahoy! And so on. These quaint nautical terms arose from a time when people depended on maps and charts much more crude than the Mapquest and GPS-enabled phones to which we’ve grown … Continued

Google Earth 5 adds more educational features

March 12, 2009

Many, many changes have taken place in the world since we last visited Google Earth. I don’t mean changes in the outside world. No, that’s a terrible place! I mean the world you can explore inside of the latest update … Continued

SHOW/WORLD teaches old maps new tricks

November 4, 2008

I don’t envy you geography teachers. Ever since Pangaea split apart over 100 million years ago you’ve been stuck dealing with the same seven shapes. Sure, every once in a while a landmass changes names because of a change in … Continued