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BY: REBECCAH HAINES Has this situation ever happened to you? You’ve gotten word of a last-minute assembly at school. The daily schedule is about to change, and your classes will only last 30 minutes. That awesome inquiry lab you had planned for today is just not going to make it. So what do you do […]

BY BILL FERRIS I love mind maps for organizing ideas. You can find a lot of slick online mind-mapping applications. My only complaint with most of them, though, is that you have to spend a little time messing around with establishing a structure and selecting the word balloons and arrows and such. Fortunately, Text 2 […]

BY BILL FERRIS Scribblar makes student collaboration really easy. It presents users a large white canvas and arms them with an array of pencils, line and shape tools, and colors. Students can add images easily as well, either by uploading photos or by inserting snapshots of websites. These functions are all very intuitive, even for […]

Inspiration is the gold standard for mind-mapping and graphic organization, and until recently, has been a licensed program tied to a machine. The company has followed the crowd to the cloud, and recently released MyWebspiration, a web-based version of the software you either have and love, or have seen and heard about and want to […]

When making diagrams the old fashioned way, if you’re not careful you can ugly up what should be a simple process. White boards and paper easels fill up quickly, and the combination of bad handwriting and thick markers can obfuscate the simplest ideas. And heaven help you if you try to create a diagram in […]

What’s your classroom layout? Do you have the desks in classic row setup? U-shaped? Circle? Whichever setup you’re currently rocking, maybe you should think of switching things up a little. A change of scenery is a great way to recharge your brain and your students’ brains. Maybe even add some plants for atmosphere. What you […]

I’d really like to use some mind maps. I know I can benefit from using one, but I really don’t have the time to sit down and think one up and then design it and then oh great its 3 a.m. and I’ve got to wake up for work in a few hours. Pay a […]

I have long held the belief that a British accent is the best way to sound intelligent and credible. The problem that I run into is that my impersonation of a British accent is so bad that I end up looking less intelligent and credible to people who hear my attempts. I need to think […]

From what I can tell, Mind Mapping is all the rage right now, and I should probably learn how to do it. In fact, you should, too. Lucky for us both, that information is made available at Brain Dance’s Meta Learning Handbook. The online walk-through is based on the information in Patrick T. McGee’s Brain […]

Ever used a mind map? They can be fun ways to brainstorm new ideas. Their best feature is they’re designed to mimic the way the human mind works – that is, jumping from one idea to another. Thanks to free online mind-mapping tools like, your brain can jump around to your heart’s content. […]