Debt Ski: Navigate the sea of personal finance

November 24, 2010

Everyone would agree that it’s important to learn about personal finance, yet many kids grow up without the skills to manage their money. This is probably because the topic was never put in the context of a pig riding a jet ski.

Digital Wish funds technology for teachers

September 28, 2010

Digital Wish is a non-profit dedicated to solving classroom technology shortfalls. Teachers can create a wish list of technology items that they’d like to use. Donors fund the purchase of a specific piece of technology that will hopefully be used in several classroom projects.

Admongo teaches kids about advertising through gameplay

May 11, 2010

BY BILL FERRIS It’s amazing how pervasive advertising is in our culture. There are the obvious means — billboards, commercials, newspaper inserts — as well as the not-so-obvious channels, like logos on clothing, branded shopping bags, giveaway products, and lots … Continued

Ditch expensive software with Open Source Alternative

May 5, 2010

Open Source Alternative wants you to save money by suggesting, well, open-source alternative programs that do the same things as their pricey commercial counterparts, but won’t cost you a dollar (let alone several thousand of them).

The Centsables fight against financial irresponsibility

January 25, 2010

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Understanding how to budget your resources and not spend more that you take in can help children create a foundation for success later in life. Unfortunately, the subject often seems boring and intangible for students — … Continued

YouAreHere teaches kids to be smart consumers

December 17, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS YouAreHere, a site from the Federal Trade Commission, teaches 5th through 8th graders about being smart consumers. Your students will get to hang out at a virtual mall, learning lessons about stuff like scams, supply and demand, … Continued