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If there is one thing I learned from my third marriage it is this: always have a prenup. Failing that, I guess the next thing best thing is to just have so much money it doesn’t really matter. Now the question becomes, “How do I get ultra-mega rich?” Countless late night infomercials each make their […]

Have rising gas costs put a stop to field trips at your school? More and more schools are cutting back on field trips to save money. Pity, since you can find so many whiz-bang learning opportunities outside the classroom. If your great field trip ideas are at risk, consider applying for a Target field trip […]

Schools get hit hard by rising gas prices — not only do teachers and staff have to pay more in gas, but so do parents dropping off their kids. A lot of kids take the bus to school, but it’s not an option for many families. GoLoco is doing its part to encourage car pooling […]

Education Week is holding their Back-to-School Open House. From September 1-7, you can access all the site’s premium content. In their own words, “enjoy full FREE access to absolutely everything!” Education Week has lots of info on important K-12 issues. Now’s your chance to read up on what’s going on in educational policy without spending […]

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer vacation. Maybe you’ve got some plans for the Independence Day weekend. Then again, with gas prices shooting into the stratosphere, maybe you don’t. In these days of pricey petrol, you’ve got to get a little creative to save money on gas. That’s why you should head over to […]

35 Scholarships Anyone Can Get – has put this list of scholarships together that just about anyone is eligible for. The list includes scholarships in various amounts, as well as essay writing contests and some unorthodox contests like the Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship. 50 Things from Ben Jones – Ben Jones blogs […]

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do – Do you know how to build a fire? How about CPR, do you know it? Or give directions? All of these things are essential life skills that you should know if you don’t already. This list from Marc and Angel covers everything from swimming to changing […]

12 Superfoods You Need to be Eating – If there’s anyone who loves to eat, it’s me. Unfortunately, I don’t always pay too much attention to what I am putting in my body. Lucky for me, and everyone else out there who trying to get beach ready, offers this list of some of the […]

How to Save Money on Gas – 29 Tips – I now own a car for the first time in ages. In fact, the last time I had to fill up a tank it barely cost me a nickel. And back then there were only 14 cars, period. Okay, so that’s a bit of an […]

11 Odd but Simple Ways to Improve Your Health There’s nothing like a good nasal rinse. Or how about a fast to detoxify your body? These offbeat health tips can keep your body running smoothly. After all the stress you put it through every day in class, you at least owe yourself a skin brushing. […]