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Borders and their red-headed stepchild, Waldenbooks, will give educators 25% off from September 26 through October 2. We realize this info probably would’ve been more helpful a couple days ago (especially on Friday, when they were giving away free food). Still, you can save a few bucks before Wednesday. This sale applies to both current […]

Prevent your students from adding years to their student loan repayment schedule. offers up some more good advice for your college-bound students. Cheryl Allebrand’s “13 Financial Aid Traps” is as much for parents as for their kids, and dispels several (thirteen, in fact) myths about getting more funding for college. Allebrand lists mistakes ranging […]

Stop lugging candy bars to the office. Stop soliciting cookie dough and tubs of three different flavors of popcorn to your neighbors. Instead, let the dance team earn their own money for the upcoming Florida trip. And let them do it the tech-savvy way, with allows users to create an online widget to promote […]

The best meals are the ones you make yourself. Blogger and dietician Clever Dudette extols the virtues of bringing your own meals to work in her post, Frugal Lunch. It’s healthy, and you can save big bucks. Her calculated savings of $988 per year are probably a bit inflated, since she bases it on spending […]