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Looking for ideas or resources for your class? MIT Open CourseWare is there to help.  Yes, the same MIT that everyone hopes their engineering-focused little one gets into has created a free and open resource for anyone in the world to use.  It’s not just math and science courses either; MIT has published complete course […]

Before Hannah Montana, before the Wiggles, before the Backyardigans and other execrable music for the younger set came the great children’s records of the 1940s and 1950s. Now that I’ve reached the age where I believe everything older is automatically better, I’m considering turning my own kids onto some of these classics from a bygone […]

20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes From the Big Wind Kite Factory in Hawaii, this link provides a complete rundown of instructions and supplies to get 20 of your students building kites and getting them in the air in 20 minutes. Sounds like a cool springtime project for an elementary art class. Top […]

You’ve probably already heard about the link between math and music. How musical patterns, can help explain mathematical patterns. Phil Tulga is a musician who has taken this connection to make a happy combo of fractions and rhythm with flash to help students make tunes and learn about math. Students are shown fractions in pie […]

I was once told by a band director friend of mine that 108 is the magical musical tempo at which all middle school band music is played. But how do you know how fast 108 is if you’re not a band director? Luckily for you, the internet does it again with Best Metronome. This site […]

At the end of African American History Month, I always find myself thinking about how to make the study of African American history a year-long effort rather than a token month of celebration. PBS Kids offers an attractive jazz website for kids that could be used to integrate African American history into a writing, art, […]

At Instructify, we’re bombarded with requests for songs explaining scientific concepts. And by “bombarded,” I mean, “it’s never actually happened.” Which is a shame, because you can find several such songs out there. Much like how The Element Song covers the periodic table, The Biochemists’ Songbook tackles several scientific ideas like respiration, protein biosynthesis and […]

Seriously! Karaoke is good for more than just drunken businessmen (and others) letting off steam. It can be a great way for language learners to practice and improve English language skills. The lyrics rhyme and are repeated, it comes with a written prompt, and the music helps to bring it all together. As Larry Ferlazzo […]

For a long time, there were really only three ways to become a capable musician: be born with natural talent, practice hours upon hours, or just simply sell your soul.  I trust you’re familiar with the following joke: Person A: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Person B: Practice, practice, practice. Person A: Very […]

The Library of Congress is an impressively gigantic organization. It occupies three large buildings on Capitol Hill. It contains more than 138 million items in its collection. It holds materials in 470 languages. And the Librarian of Congress has the very librarian-ish name James H. Billington. Impressive! Given these facts, is it any surprise that […]