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Do your instrumental music students keep time horribly? Do they rush the beat like they’re in a race against the drummer? A metronome can help kids learn to maintain a steady tempo, and the annoying clicks give added incentive to try and master this skill faster. But who wants to buy a little box whose […]

With all due respect to Guitar Hero aficionados, it’s not like you need any musical talent to play it. This should be simple–kids like music and video games. Why can’t there be a game that actually teaches kids to play? After reading that kind of intro paragraph, you’ve probably figured out that there is such […]

Music soothes the savage beast. Except for alligators. Apparently music riles them up. NPR’s Robert Krulwich reports that the note B flat has a lot of crazy properties, including provoking alligators to roar. Play a B flat one octave below middle C in front of a Gator and it’ll think you’re a rival reptile. Which […]